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Hey Leaders,

We hope you all enjoyed last night at the United. Jordan shared a great message with us while continuing with the Love First series. He talked about God being more into the big picture and not focusing so much on the details. What did he mean by that? “God is more into your full obedience than your full understanding.” Sometimes we might not know what every step and every detail looks like, but we do know him and we do have his Word! He has given us instruction in the Bible and the best way to obey is to do what it says.

We had a great turn out last night in both attendance and salvations. We have such a privelage to be a part of what God is doing in this area. Thank you again for your dedication to what God has called this church to do… we could NOT do it without you!

Remember, next week – October 2 – is United Night! INVITE INVITE INVITE! We really can’t stress enough the anticipation we have for what God is going to do through this night and Pastor Mark Francey. You will not want to miss it!

Also, we have our Rally Night on Tuesday October 1st. Be sure to follow Jordan and Josh on instagram and twitter to find out more details.

Mark your calendars for Sunday October 27th… we are going to Cedar Point! If you want to come as a leader make sure you sign up soon, spaces are limited for leaders. If you sign up to come as a leader the cost is $25.00 and transportation is provided.

Again, thanks for all that you do! We love you!

Seven Weeks

Hey Guys,

We are continuing with our seven weeks here at the United. We have been going strong since camp and we know it’s only going to get better. Thank you for being here week after week, serving, giving of your time and Loving First! We absolutley love doing what we do with you! Last night we had 9 VIP’s and 4 students rededicate their lives! You all looked great in your blue and pink and did a great job feeding the hype of gender defender. Next week is The Gathering and we will have food, bonfires and much more. Make sure you come out and continue to encourage your students to invite!

We have a lot coming up in this next month and the months to come. Please make sure you check back here and in the leaders area for upcoming events and announcements. Also, let us know if you have any questions or if you have any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see at the United. We love serving you and love serving our students with you. Hope you all have a great day!

Hello Again,

We are back and almost rested from Camp U13! We had an amazing time with our leaders and students! We want to say a very special ‘Thank You’ to all of you that helped with camp in any way. You invested in our students lives in ways you will probably never know and for that we are most greatful. We couldn’t possibly say enough to tell you how valuable your time and energy was this last week.

For those of you that were unable to attend camp this year, check out the podcasts and ask around… our students will have lots to share with you!

Tonight we start our back-to-school push that will go seven weeks. We have the honor of having Pastor Barb grace the United stage tonight. Needless to say, you do not want to miss it. We are asking that each of you would be praying and agreeing with us for an amazing seven weeks that will lead to an even greater year. We are believing that we will see our largest altar calls this year; we want to reach our schools! We know God has amazing things in store for us in the upcoming months and we want to do our very best with what he has already given us. So, be sure you invite and encourage your students to do the same!

We love you all so much and continue to watch you serve with such loyalty and devotion to what God is doing here… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

U13 Daily Schedules

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Hey Guys,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and are having fun! We had a blast at our leaders picnic yesterday. Thanks to all of you who came; we always enjoy spending time with you! It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of July. We hope you have been enjoying our Summer Jam and have been able to hear the guest speakers. Don’t forget that Pastor Robert Madu is here this coming weekend… you won’t want to miss it!

We are even closer to camp and our anticipation continues to grow! As a staff we have been talking, planning and praying about camp. We really can’t express enough how significant we believe this years camp and this upcoming school year will be. So, if you haven’t been already, please encourage our students to come. If they don’t have the money we will get them there… just get them to sign up!

We also have a few reminders for you…

– we are taking a break from Planning Center for a few weeks, so please remember to sign in and pick up your badge and go to your usual area. If you have any questions you can see Heather.

– we have our lemonade sale coming up Saturday August 3rd & Sunday August 4th

– we have our leaders camp meeting on Sunday Augst 4th right after our worship experience

Again, thank you for continuing to serve and invest in our students lives. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Hello Again,

We are just one day away from our next worship experience and we know it’s going to be amazing! We would love for you to hook up with us as we invite people and as we pray that God would do what only he can do. We hope we will see you out tomorrow night!

CAMP is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited about anticipating what God will do this year. We know that we have just barely scratched the surface when it comes to understanding how much God loves us. With that said, we are confident that God desires to show us much much more. Camp is a perfect time for God to breakdown walls of fear, insecurity, addictions, abuse and the list goes on. We will spend four consecutive days in the presence of God and experience his love on another level… please, we cannot stress enough how important it is that we continue to invite our students out. Ask every student you see if they are signed up, and if not, get them signed up!

Also, we have our leaders picnic coming up on Sunday July 21st at 1:00pm at Price Park.

And we also have our leaders camp meeting on Sunday August 4th right after our Worship Experience.

If you have any questions about the picnic or leaders camp meeting you can email me or Heather.

Love you all! See you tomorrow!

Hello Again!

We are gearing up for another amazing Wednesday night at the United and we hope you will be joining us! We had so much fun these last few weeks combing JV and HS. We learned a lot, had fun, worshiped together and grew together. We hope this will cause you and our students to be even more excited about Camp U’13. We will be combined for five days with one goal and one purpose and that is Jesus. It’s going to be awesome and you do not want to miss it!

Remember we have Wild Water Kingdom coming up on Monday July 1st. If you aren’t signed up and want to come make sure you sign up this week.

Also, we have our parent meeting for camp on Sunday June 30th immediately after our worship experience. If you talk to any students or parents with questions about camp, please make sure you let them know about this meeting.

And don’t forget about our leaders picnic at Price Park on July 27th from 11:00am-4:00pm.

Thank you so much for being faithful to serve in the United and continuing to be a part of what God is doing in this area through Faith Family. We know the best is yet to come! See you tomorrow!

Good morning Leaders! I hope you all had a great week and are ready for another fun night at the United!

Last week Jordan and Josh continued on the series Heart & Soul. They taught on the Holy Spirit and taught us that “fruit of the spirit + prayer in the spirit = led by the spirit.” We looked at Galatians 5 and Acts 19 and were reminded of the benefits and importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. We had a great response with students texting their questions. We heard from so many students that the teaching really helped them understand the Holy Spirit and they didn’t think it was “weird” anymore. It’s always amazing to see and hear God’s word changing lives! We are continuing with the series Heart & Soul tonight and looking at the subject of Eternity. Make sure you come back out tonight and don’t come alone. Also, text your connect group or a few students and remind them that they don’t want to miss the United!

***We have rescheduled our Wild Water Kingdom trip and it’s set for Monday July 1st. If you have any questions grab one of the United staff and let us know.

***Don’t forget Camp U 13 is right around the corner! Sign up and be a part of what God is going to do this year at camp… you will not regret it!


Check out this teaching on “Honor” by Rev. Keith Moore!

Hey Leaders,

Thanks for checking out our blog again, we have so much catching up to do…

First, once again, you reminded us that we have the best leaders! You show us week after week that you are sold out to seeing stories rewritten and lives changed by the love of God.

Second, we have had a great start to June and are in our second week of Heart and Soul. Last week Jordan and Josh taught on faithfulness and we looked at Mathew 25:14-30. We learned that faithfulness doesn’t give up quickly, doesn’t rely on excuses and doesn’t treat “small” things like they are insignificant. When we are faithful with what we have God will continue to bring more. And when we don’t know what to do… we know what to do; be faithful in God’s presence and his word!

Third, Wild Water Kingdom was postponed… gotta love Ohio weather! We will let you know what the new date is once it’s rescheduled.

Fourth, don’t forget that we have CAMP right around the corner! If you have never been to camp COME!!!!! Each year we see our students, leaders and staff refreshed, challenged and even more united than before. Camp is a powerful experience and we want to share it with as many of you as possible! If you have any questions, please let us know.

That’s all for now, but that’s not all… we have more information coming your way. Check back soon to stay up-to-date.

We Love You All!